"Start Your Franchise Business with SPEECH TEL - Unlock Your Potential!"
Cable TV Operators Franchisees Model

We are offering the best venture chance for Internet Service Provider (ISP), Multi-Service Operator (MSO), Cable TV operators & Cable Internet operators in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry as well as infrastructure suppliers in residential societies. Speech Tel clientele is escalating swiftly and our “guaranteed income” model makes certain our partners make money no matter the user price.

Speech tel Franchisee is a system devised to augment your commercial proficiency and expand your top and bottom Lines and get rewarded for your performance and initiatives. We stand up for our partners with more marketing and channel support, and a new membership structure that rewards partners in accordance with their investments in the program.

We help extend your existing portfolio!! (Business)

Who are we in Franchisee business model?

Authorized by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India

We are proud to be pioneers in the Indian telecom market.

We have been at the forefront of technological and service excellence for over 20 years.

We have been a major contributor to the internet penetration in deep rural areas of South India,

We introduced the franchisee business model (revenue sharing model ) and pioneered the FTTH broadband technology in Tamilnadu.

We have been widely recognized for our commitment and dedication to providing world-class services to our customers. We are confident that our experience and expertise will continue to serve as a guiding light for our future growth and Get all your telecom needs in one place, with Speech tel.

We will provide the following products & services to Franchisee:

  • Data Products services
  • Voice calls services
  • Managed Services
  • Triple Play Services
  • OTT / IPTV Services
  • CCTV & Security services
  • Point to Point
  • Wi-Fi Hot spot
  • Dark Fiber
  • Campus Wi-Fi
  • Wireless solutions

We will provide the following supports to Franchisee:

  • OSS / BSS Services
  • Broadband Plans & Billing
  • CAF (Customer Application Form) , Brochures
  • Online Payment services
  • DoT & TRAI Guideline supports
  • We provide you with a dedicated account manager who'll work alongside your people to help drive routes to market.
  • 24x7 Skilled and experienced support staff always ready to solve any service related issues

We understand that every business has its unique needs and diverse customers. To address this, we have developed a dedicated Franchisee Outreach Team (FOT) which is a centralized back-end team to provide comprehensive channel management services. The FOT at Speechtel supports your channel managers by provisioning the necessary resources and support to help drive your business and meet your goals.

We welcome you to build a relationship with us and work towards a mutually beneficial environment. We offer exclusive and non-exclusive partnership models that enable us to collaborate in a variety of ways.